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Account navigation

We just unveiled a brand new way to navigate your Union Metrics account  - a new way to get around and find things quickly and easily. And it's especially helpful in Trackers, so you can quickly jump from one Tracker report to another.

How to find what you want to find in your account

 This is your account launcher . It includes quick links to recently accessed Trackers, along with shortcuts to manage your account, user access and projects.

 If you don't have projects enabled, you'll start on your account dashboard. This shows top-level data from the past 30 days for all your Trackers, with quick links to channel-specific dashboards and Trackers in your account. 

 Your Trackers are all here, it is easy to find the Trackers you're looking for. We'll add shortcuts to your recently accessed Trackers from your account launcher, you can search on the left side of your Tracker listing for any Tracker in your account.

 Echo and snapshot reports, along with the historical Tracker reports created from Echo are now all available under the discovery icon.

How to move around within a Tracker

When you first click into a Tracker, you're taken to your Tracker overview page. This shows all your top-level data, including summaries of metrics like reach and post volumes. You can also see lists of your top posts, contributors, hashtags and more. You can also click into any of those to get more information.

The new left nav in a Tracker gives your shortcuts to all your Tracker reports - hashtags, sentiment, URLs, geo, language, posts, and more. Click on any of these to go to that report in your Tracker. Here's an example.

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