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Twitter followers report

Our Twitter followers report is available now in Twitter account Trackers. It includes information about a Twitter account's most recent followers (up to 5000 recent followers for suites, and from 100-1000 recent followers for lower level plans). This report will update at least once per day with new followers. 

For each of your followers, the report includes whether or not they're verified, how many followers they have, how many people they're following, how many tweets they've posted in their lifetime, and how many of those that mention your account in your Tracker's current time frame. If you've authenticated this Tracker with Twitter, we'll also show your relationship with them, and you can follow and unfollow accounts directly from this page. 

For non-authenticated accounts, the information is all the same except you won't be able to follow or unfollow accounts from this report. (Please note: follower analysis is only available in non-authenticated Twitter account Trackers for suite subscribers.)

And be sure you check out the CSV export for your followers report. It includes even more information, including where your followers are location, their time zones, bios, verified status and more.  

This is an early version of what will soon become even more robust follower intel to help you identify influencers, find new fans and brand advocates, and better understand your audience. Log in to take a look.


Follower reporting FAQ

How does it decide which followers to show?

The recent followers table shows your most recent followers, and is updated daily with new followers. The number of recent followers depends your plan level.

I can't see the follower report in my Tracker. Why?

The followers report is only available in some Trackers on certain plans. Right now, this report is only available in Twitter account Trackers.

For our business plans (Starter, Team, Growth), followers reporting is available in authenticated Twitter account Trackers only. If you have login credentials for the Twitter account Tracker you're looking at, you can authenticate to add this report from the Tracker edit page.

For suite plans, this report is available on all Twitter account Trackers, authenticated or not.  

If you're on one of our legacy Mini, Basic or Plus plans, you won't have to access to this report. You can upgrade to access it, along with all our newer features, like automatic backfill, Instagram and Facebook analytics and more. Just go to your billing info page, located under the gear icon in the top right corner.

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