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Echo access levels

Depending on the level of Echo access you have, your access levels will vary along several levels. The following explains those levels. If you'd like to expand your access, please contact your Customer Success Manager. We can also customize an Echo plan to meet your needs. 

Echo queries

Each day, you can query the Echo search engine many times. Exactly how many depends on your Echo plan level, but will be at least 50 (see table below for your plan). The number of queries you have available is measured on a rolling 24-hour basis. If you run out of queries, just come back tomorrow and you should have more again. 

Historical reports

Each month, you can create a number of historical reports from your Echo searches. These look and function just like a Tracker, but they are created from historical data and do not collect new Tweets. The number of reports you can create each month (measured on a calendar month basis) varies depending on your plan level. The number of available historical reports will reset on the first of every month. You can access your historical reports any time under the Echo streamgraph icon. 


Custom Tracker backfill

You can also use Echo to customize a new ongoing Tracker backfill. Those backfills are limited to a number of Tweets and a time period, depending on your Echo level. The default Echo plan includes up to 20,000 Tweets from the past month, but the higher levels allow for a great deal of new Tracker backfill customization.  

Echo plan levels

  Data available Queries
(per 24 hours)
Historical reports
(per month)
Tweets per report/Tracker
Echo 30 Past 30 days 50 5 20k
Echo 365 Past 365 days 150 10 100k
Echo Full Archive All time (back to 2006) 500 15 200k
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