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Tumblr analytics FAQs

Can I analyze one specific post?

You can't track a single Tumblr post on its own, but you can analyze a blog and then drill down into a post's performance. For each post, we include an analysis of reblogs and likes, a detailed reblog tree showing how a post spreads, and a list of the top amplifiers.

Can I measure how many times a specific image is posted?

A specific image that is tied to either a hashtag, keyword or source URL can be tracked within our analytics.

How far back in time can I search?

When you set up a new Tracker, it will backfill with 7 days of historical data within an hour or two and then overnight it will populate with 30 days of historical data. Once you set up a Tracker it will continuously collect and archive data, so you can go back and refer to older data at any point.

Why isn't this post showing up in my report?  

There are a couple reasons why you might not be seeing a post. First, the post might be too old to be included. When you set up a new Tracker, it will only include the last 30 days of historical data. Another reason you might not see a post is because it was originally saved as private. If a post was ever private, we will not receive that data. If that still doesn't explain it, contact us at [email protected]

I set up new Tracker, why can't I see any data yet?

After setting up a new Tracker, it will take a few hours to load a 7 day preview. Within 24 hours, your Tracker will backfill with data from the past 30 days. After the initial data is loaded, you will be able to view it at any time. Reports update daily with new data from that point on.

Can you give me demographics of my audience?

Not at this time.

Can I exclude NSFW posts?

No, the reports will include all public posts for your search terms.

Can I see or analyze private Tumblr blogs?

No, the Tumblr firehose does not provide data on private blogs/posts. That said, the reports will only include public posts for your search terms.

Do you have free analytics for Tumblr?

We no longer offer free Tumblr analytics. For blog owners wanting to understand their performance, Tumblr offers free analytics. You can access them through the activity tab on the right side of your Tumblr dashboard.

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