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What can I search for in a Twitter snapshot report?

Our Twitter snapshot reports allow for a lot of flexibility, so you can find exactly the data you want.  In general, we recommend shorter queries, so try to keep your search terms under 70 character or 6-8 words. We support most advanced operators advanced operators (except “near”). Some of our more commonly used search options are:

  • term1 term2 - search for tweets containing both term1 and term2 in any order (e.g. twitter metrics)
  • term1 OR term2 - search for tweets containing either term1 or term2 (e.g. analytics OR metrics)
  • “term1 term2” - search for tweets containing the phrase “term1 term2” (e.g. "twitter metrics")
  • term1 -term2 - search for tweets containing term1 but not including term2 (e.g. twitter -facebook)
  • @username - search for tweets to, from, mentioning or RTing a specific Twitter user (e.g. @unionmetrics)
  • from:username - search only for tweets from a specific Twitter user (e.g. from:unionmetrics)
  • to:username - search only for tweets directed to a specific Twitter user (e.g. to:unionmetrics)
  • since:YYYY-MM-DD - search only for tweets after a specific date in UTC (e.g. since:2015-08-30)
  • until:YYYY-MM-DD - search only for tweets before a specific date in UTC (e.g. until:2015-08-30)
  • filter:links - search only for tweets containing links
  • lang:NN - to search for only tweets in a particular language (e.g. lang:en for only English tweets, more info about languages here)

You should also consider common misspellings and alternate combinations of your search terms in order to fully capture the concept you're measuring. Also, sometimes it is useful to search for an exact phrase (if so, use quotation marks) or words appearing in any order (do not use quotation marks). Search is not case sensitive.


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