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How far back can Twitter snapshot reports go?

Snapshot reports are based on the Twitter API, so the full reports can only pull the last 1500 tweets or last 7 days, whichever comes first. There will be some variation, but most reports will include tweets that are between 6 and 8 days old. That said, high volume searches will cover less time and stop once they have reached the 1,500 tweet limit. To ensure you get all your tweets, we recommend running reports as soon as you can after your event (please don't wait a week and assume they will still be accessible). When in doubt, run your report within 1-2 days of your event.

If you want to track a larger volume of conversation, check out one of our subscription plans. When you start a new Tracker, it will gather up to 5000 tweets from the past 30 days, and continue to gather tweets in real time moving forward.  You can start a Tracker by purchasing a subscription plan here.

We also offer the ability to search the entire Twitter archive with Union Metrics Echo. All suite subscribers get access to the last 30 days of historical data, and we also offer upgraded plans that provide access to a  year of data or the full archive. Learn more about how to unlock the power of Echo here.

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