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How many tweets will be in my snapshot report?

Due to limits from Twitter, we can only pull back approximately 1500 tweets for a single search term. If you're searching for a popular term, consider running separate reports for alternate spellings and combinations to find as many tweets as you can.

There may be fewer than 1500 tweets in your report, however. Since we can only find tweets from the past few days, your report will include as many tweets as we can find (up to 1500) from the past week.

When you run a quick report from the TweetReach by Union Metrics home page, the approximate total number of tweets that we've found for your search term will be displayed at the top of the page.

Is there any way to get more than 1500 tweets in a snapshot report? 

Quite simply, no. At this time, that 1500 tweet limit is a restriction from Twitter and we have no way around it.  Our Trackers, available on our subscription plans, can gather up to 5000 tweets from the past 30 days, and also continue to track a topic in real-time. You can read more about our plans and pricing here

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