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How long does it take to receive my full report?

Usually your snapshot report is emailed to you within minutes, but sometimes it can take a little longer, depending on report volume and Twitter's response time. We will email your report to you at the email address you provided. If you haven't received your report within an hour, please check your spam folder in case our email was sent there (it will come from support@unionmetrics.com). Let us know if you don't receive your report within 24 hours. 

If this is too long for your needs, or you have a time-sensitive search term, consider subscribing to a Union Metrics plan. One of the perks of a subscription is immediate report results - your report runs as soon as you click the Run Report button, no matter what time of day or what day of the week it is. And you will always have real-time results available in your Twitter Trackers - no waiting at all.

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