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What do you mean by Twitter reach, exposure, and impressions?

In Union Metrics Twitter account analytics, we are excited that we now offer a measure of true Twitter reach. Reach represents the size of an audience for a conversation. Impressions measures the total number of views of a conversation. 

We provide metrics for actual and potential reach and impressions to be sure you have the full picture for whatever conversations matter to you on Twitter. Our Twitter account Trackers include actual reach and impressions, along with a variety of other engagement metrics. All our other Twitter analytics, including topic Trackers and snapshot reports include potential reach and impressions. Trackers are available in our business plans

Actual Reach and Impressions

We provide actual reach and impressions for all your owned Tweets (and potential reach for everything else, more on that below). These numbers are provided to us by Twitter, and show the true count of the number of unique people who actually saw your tweet, as well as the total number of actual views. 

Potential Reach and Impressions

Actual reach and impressions are only available for Twitter accounts you can log into. For analysis of Twitter hashtags, keywords, competitor or influencer accounts, you'll receive metrics on their potential reach and impressions. Estimated potential reach is based on our proprietary reach algorithm, which we built off years of analyzing hundreds of millions of tweets. Potential reach measures how many unique Twitter accounts your tweets could have reached. A potential impression means a tweet has been delivered to a Twitter account's timeline. Not everyone who receives a tweet will read it, but it's possible they could. Potential reach and impressions give you an idea of the overall potential size of a conversation. Use them in combination with actual reach and impressions to get a better sense of how effective your content is. Are you reaching as much of your potential audience as you could be? How can you improve that? And then use what you learn about typical actual:potential ratios with your own content to infer how others are doing.



Right now, Union Metrics is the only provider of Twitter's actual reach metric. So if you want to find out the true reach of your tweets, let's talk! 

There's more detail here about how we calculate those numbers. And if you're interested in how our potential impressions metric compares to actual impressions number calculated by Twitter in your account analytics, read this

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