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Can I analyze tweets from last month or last year?

Our snapshot reports use Twitter's Search API to gather tweets for analysis.  The API limits search results to tweets from the past week, so snapshot reports can only include tweets from the past 7-8 days. Please note that this may vary depending on your search query and on Twitter's performance at any point. All queries are limited to 1,500 tweets, so high volume reports will hit the tweet limit before they go back a full week. 

If you want to track tweets for longer than a few days, check out our Union Metrics Trackers. These can track new tweets for weeks, even months, and is not restricted by Twitter's time and tweet number search limitations. When started, a new Tracker* will gather up to 5,000 tweets from the past 30 days, and continue to gather tweets in real time moving forward. If you want to learn more about professional, real-time analytics solutions, let us know!

*Only our Union Metrics plans include automatic backfill. If you're on a legacy TweetReach plan, you'll need to switch to a new plan to access this. We can help with that!

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