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Use cases for snapshot reports

Most people run snapshot reports to measure the impact of tweets about an event, campaign, Twitter handle, hashtag or specific tweet. But there are lots of other conversations happening on Twitter that might be interesting to you and your business. Here are a few other ideas:

Monitor your competitors. Run a report every week for each of your competitors. Use these baseline numbers as a guide to see how you stand up to the competition over time.

Count retweets. The query from:username OR “RT @username” will return tweets from and retweets of a particular Twitter account. It’s a great way to see the reach of your recent tweets and how many retweets you’re generating. 

Find new blogs. Search for important keywords for your company or industry and add filter:links to your query. This will return only tweets with links in them, and could lead you to some new reading material.

Watch news spread. Enter a URL or short quote from a press release or blog post you just published to see how the article is spreading around Twitter.

For a full list of all supported queries and operators, check here

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