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Twitter Tracker FAQs

How often are Tracker metrics calculated?
Nearly all Tracker metrics are calculated in real time, so the numbers you see are always up-to-date. The total reach number is updated every few minutes. And when you first set up a new Tracker, it may take a few minutes to calculate your initial metrics.

Can a Tracker include old tweets?
The Tracker is built to monitor Twitter activity in real time, as it happens. however, most Trackers will start by backfilling with some historical data. For self-service plans, a new Tracker will find up to 5,000 tweets from the last 30 days, and Suite Trackers will find up to 20,000 tweets from the last 30 days. If you are interested in analyzing tweets from further back in Twitter’s history, check out Union Metrics Echo, which provides access to the entire Twitter archive and is available in our Social Suite.

Can I stop and restart my Tracker?
You can edit your Tracker status any time. First go to your Tracker listing page. From there, hover over any Tracker until the pencil icon appears, and click on it. On the Tracker edit page, you can change the status from running to stopped. Once a Tracker is stopped, it will no longer collect new data until you turn it back on. Even after a Tracker is stopped, you'll still have access to all the data it collected. This is a good way to pause a Tracker without going over your data limits for the month.

Can I edit my Tracker?
You can edit your Trackers at any time. First go to your Tracker listing page. From there, hover over any Tracker until the pencil icon appears, and click on it. Update your queries there. Once you save the updated queries, the changes will take effect right away. Please note, changes will only impact new tweets, and will not impact tweets already collected in the Tracker. If you wish to start over completely with a new topic, you might want to start an entirely new Tracker.

What happens when I delete a Tracker?
Once a Tracker is deleted all tweets are removed from our system. We are unable to recover accidentally deleted Trackers, so think carefully before clicking delete.

How do I get my Twitter Tracker data in PDF or CSV formats?
Tracker data can be exported to a PDF or CSV file. At the top of each report page, you will buttons for a PDF or export (i.e. CSV, Excel or Numbers). Clicking on the Export button will take you to your Export page, which maintains an archive of recent exports. From this view you can select the data you wish to export and then send the data to your queue. While it's preparing, you can visit other pages.

When creating a PDF, we recommend using the built-in PDF printer in your web browser. Simply go to the print menu in your web browser, select the PDF option from your printer selection. If you're on Windows and having problems, this might help.

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