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How do I get my Twitter Tracker data in PDF or CSV formats?

You can export and print to PDF most of your Tracker data. First, click into (or view) the Tracker you want to save as a PDF or CSV file. If appropriate, select the date range you're interested in. 

At the top right of your main Tracker page is an Export button. This will export your Tracker data to a CSV file you can use in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Numbers. Clicking the Export button will take you to your Exports page, which maintains an archive of recent exports. You can export four kinds of Tracker data: a summary, trends, tweets, and contributor info. Uncheck/check the boxes next to the data types you'd like to export. Then click the Create New Export button and your export file will go into the queue. While it's preparing, you can visit other pages. When your export is ready, simply return to this page and download your file.  You can learn more about our Tracker CSV export here.  

You can also export data from both the Contributors and Tweets pages. Just click the Export button from either of those pages. 

You can also print your Tracker data as a PDF. We recommend using the built-in PDF printer in Google Chrome for Mac, but your computer may be equipped with a different program or PDF printer. Just go to the print menu in your web browser, select the PDF option from your printer selection mention and print. This will save a copy of the Tracker page you're on to a PDF file. You can do this on any page in your Tracker. If you're on Windows and having problems, this might help

Our graphics also make great additions to a report or slide presentation. You can take screenshots of any graphs or sections of your Tracker to insert in reports for your stakeholders. 

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