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Writing queries for a Twitter topic Tracker

With Union Metrics’ Twitter topic analytics, you can monitor earned conversation around keywords, phrases, hashtags and URLs. Each topic Tracker can contain up to 15 queries, and each query can contain up to 60 total characters. Here are some of our supported terms and operators. 

  • keyword: Searches for tweets containing any reference to this keyword, including hashtags or usernames.
  • keyword1 keyword2: Searches for tweets containing keyword1 AND keyword2 in any order.
  • “keyword1 keyword2”: Search for tweets containing the exact phrase “keyword1 keyword2.”
  • username: Searches for all tweets to, about and from a user.
  • @username: Searches for tweets from or that mention, reply to, or RT a username. 
  • from:username: Searches for tweets from a specific user.
  • #hashtag: Searches for all tweets containing #hashtag.
  • url_contains:"unionmetrics.com": Searches for all tweets containing a specific URL or portion of a URL.

A few other tips for writing Tracker queries:

  • Do not include OR, AND, +, or - in Tracker queries. The AND is automatically implied with multiple keywords, and the line break functions as an OR.
  • Queries are matched exactly (e.g., cat will not match cats).
  • If your query has punctuation in it, it will be matched exactly so use quotation marks (e.g., "ow.ly" or "peanut butter and jelly"). Do not use any commas in your queries.
  • Queries are not case sensitive, so uppercase and lowercase letters do not impact your results.
  • Consider including common misspellings and alternate combinations of your search terms in order to fully capture the topic you are measuring.
  • A Tracker can also exclude tweets that contain certain terms. Just add those words to the Excluded Terms field on your Tracker setup page.

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