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Does Union Metrics have an API?

Right now, we have an API for our Twitter Trackers. Our API allows subscribers to access their Twitter Tracker metrics from any programming language or easily automate importing Union Metrics data into analysis tools like Excel. To get started with the Union Metrics Twitter API, consult the API documentation here

You can use our API to export trend data from any of your Twitter Trackers, including: 

  • A list of all Trackers that have been configured in your account along with their summary reach, exposure, activity and contributors metrics.
  • Data from a specific Tracker that can be used to provide a summary rollup of reach, exposure, activity and contributor metrics or a trend rollup by day, week or month.
  • A list of all contributors within a Tracker including their exposure, activity, retweets, retweet rate, total exposure and amplification multiplier metrics.

The API is available to customers on all Social Suite plans. 

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