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Managing user access

All Union Metrics accounts allow for multiple users to log into varying levels of access to your account, your projects and your Trackers. 

As an account admin or owner, you can invite new users to your account at any time. To do this, click on the gear icon in the top right corner and click on Users. From here, you can invite new users and manage your account's existing users. To add a new user, click the Add User button; you can then email an invitation to anyone you want to invite to this account. 

Users can have read and/or write access to specific projects and each user can be assigned to unlimited accounts and unlimited projects. 

We have three user types: 

  • Owner - Has full access to all account features, including billing information, user and project management, all Trackers and reports
  • Admin - Has access to user and project management, all Trackers and reports (does not have billing access) 
  • Standard User - Has access to only the projects, Trackers and reports the owner or admin assigns
All owner and admin users will have access to all Trackers, snapshots and projects. The owner is the only one with access to Billing Info, which includes billing and payment information, and the ability to upgrade, downgrade or cancel a subscription. Admin users have access to everything except Billing Info. Standard users can have view only or view and edit access. 


To manage selective access to Trackers, you first need to enable projects. Projects allow you to share individual or sets of Trackers with selective users. 


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