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Are there volume limits for Union Metrics plans?

We maintain post volume limits to ensure we provide a high quality service for all Union Metrics users, while enabling everyone to access the data they need. To help meet your needs, we have a variety of plan levels. Check your account settings to confirm your plan's monthly post limits.
Posts counts are cumulative across all your active Trackers. Profile follower limits apply to account-type Trackers only. 

And individual Trackers are limited to 2 billion impressions or 10 million tweets each. Bear in mind that these are somewhat soft limits - not strict caps - and allow for some periodic spikes in volume. If you're already on one of these plans and are anticipating a large spike in activity, let us know and we'll make sure you're covered.

If you're trying to decide what plan to sign up for, use these numbers as a guide to help you determine what plan will best meet your needs. You can change plans at any time, as your needs change. And we're happy to help you decide - just ask us!

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