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Understanding the Twitter analytics dashboard

Our Twitter dashboard provides a top-level overview of your Twitter Tracker activity from the past 30 days. It is divided into three key sections.  


The overview section shows trends across your Trackers. Use the toggle button on the left side to switch between the account and topic views. From this view the graphs compare individual Trackers across four key metrics: tweet volume, potential reach, potential impressions and contributors. Hover over any point in the graphs to see more detailed metrics for that day.

The Tracker listing below the graphs includes the same key metrics in tabular form. You can sort the list by clicking on the any of the headings in the chart. To view the detailed metrics, click on any Tracker name. To change which Trackers are shown in your graphs, click on the colored dot next to each Tracker name to add or remove it from these graphs.

Insight Stream

The insight stream includes a variety of actionable data-based recommendations to help you identify important changes in your activity and decide what steps to take to improve your Twitter performance. It will include information such as changes in follower growth, hashtags that perform above average, best time to post to maximize engagement and more. Additionally, each insight includes information about what Tracker it relates to and when it was generated. Click on any insight to be taken to the Tracker to learn more about the corresponding activity.

What’s Hot

The what’s hot section highlights the top tweet, the top contributor, the top hashtag and the top URL from all Trackers in an account or project. In this area you will learn about the most popular tweet in any Tracker by retweets and impressions, the top contributor by volume of tweets and impressions, the top hashtag by volume of tweets and impressions and the top URL by hashtag and impressions. Click on any item in this list to be taken to the corresponding report page in your Tracker to learn more.




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