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What is the difference between an account Tracker and a topic Tracker?

With Union Metrics Trackers, you can either analyze interactions with a particular Twitter account or a more general keyword-based topic. 

An account Tracker will monitor all new and future interactions with a Twitter account, including tweets from that account and all mentions, replies and retweets of that account. It tracks the followers, reach, exposure, tweet and contributor volumes, and top media for that account. You can set up an account Tracker for any public Twitter account, yours or someone else's. 

A topic Tracker will monitor all new and future tweets that match a set of search terms. Those terms can include anything that appears in a tweet - hashtags, keywords, usernames, URLs, phrases, anything. It tracks and archives the full conversation around those terms, from all public Twitter accounts, and include metrics like reach, exposure, tweet and contributor volumes, top contributors, and top media.

You pick a Tracker's type when you set it up:

If you select the Account type, it's easy to get up and running. Simply type in the Twitter username of the account you want to monitor, pick your timezone and save. We'll start collecting new and future interactions with that account - including all tweets from, mentions of, replies to and retweets of that account. 

If you select the Topic type, you just need to enter a title and some terms to track, plus any language filters and your time zone. You can also add in terms to exclude here if you'd like. A topic Tracker can search for tweets that include up to 15 different queries, which can include keywords, hashtags, URLs, phrases, usernames and a combination of any of those. There's more on topic Tracker search queries here

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