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My snapshot report returned fewer tweets than I was expecting.

There are a few reasons a snapshot report will come back with fewer tweets than you might expect. Of course, there might not have been any activity in the past week on that term (snapshots include tweets from the past few days), so if there haven't been any new tweets lately, your report will return 0 tweets. But often, there are other reasons you're seeing no tweets in your snapshot report.

Double check that you spelled your search terms correctly. It can be easy to overlook a small error, especially in hashtags or longer queries.

Check the the length of your search query. Twitter search queries are limited to the length of a tweet, and long queries will break. Keep search queries under 60-80 characters to avoid errors. In addition, queries with multiple operators can be too complex, so keep your queries simple (for example, limit queries to three ORs).

Check the validity of your search query. Make sure you've formatted dates correctly and other specific operators are written appropriately. There's a full list of acceptable search operators here.   

If your tweets don't show up in a snapshot

We rely on Twitter's API for our tweet data, so if a tweet doesn't show up in Twitter search, then we can't access it for analysis and it won't show up in a snapshot report. To check if your account is being indexed by Twitter search, go to search.twitter.com and run a search for from:username. If no tweets show up, and you know you've tweeted something in the past few days, then your tweets are not showing up in Twitter search, and they won't show up in a TweetReach by Union Metrics report. 

Twitter has a few possible explanations for why this might be happening and what you can do about it. For one, new accounts aren't immediately indexed in search, so if you just created your Twitter account, keep tweeting and give it a few days. In addition, Twitter is very aggressive about removing spam and other fake accounts. However, they sometime mistakenly classify a legitimate account as spam. If you contact Twitter, they should be able to reinstate your account. 

In addition, reports include tweets from the past few days and Trackers index tweets in real time. If you haven't tweeted during either of those time frames, then your tweets won't show up.

If your snapshot report only has 100 tweets

Our free snapshot report will include up to 100 tweets. This is perfect if you want a fast snapshot of a topic's reach on Twitter. Some search queries return fewer than 100 tweets because there hasn't been much activity in the past week. We can only search the most recent week or so of Twitter history, so if there haven't been many tweets about a term in the past week, then your snapshot will contain fewer than 100 tweets.

However, if you run a quick snapshot and there are more than 100 tweets available, you'll see how many total tweets there are in a bar at the top of your report. If you want more tweets, you can buy a full snapshot report for only $20, which will include up to 1500 tweets from the past week. Just click the Get the Full Report button near the top of your report's results to buy the full version.

If none of these help, let us know! We'll figure out what's going on.

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