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What's the difference between a free account and a paid subscription?

Here's a quick primer on the difference between free Union Metrics accounts and our paid subscriptions.

A free account comes with access to our free reports with basic metrics. That includes our free Twitter snapshot (analysis on up to 100 Tweets from the past few days) and our free Instagram account checkup (analysis on the past 30 days of your Instagram account). 

Union Metrics subscription, which starts at $99 per month, includes real-time analytics on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Tumblr. That includes detailed and comprehensive metrics, full CSV data exports, the ability to monitor any account or topic, and more. The biggest difference between a free account and a subscription is access to our Tracker, our real-time social media measurement tool, which can analyze and archive all post about a topic or account.

A free account is perfect for anyone trying our analytics for the first time, casual users, personal accounts, small business or consultants with a small social media budget. Our professional analytics package is good for companies tracking their earned media conversations, public relations and marketing agencies, social media experts running campaigns for clients, or anyone who needs in-depth and comprehensive metrics. You can see a live demo here

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