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What is the difference between analyzing a blog and a topic on Tumblr?

With Union Metrics Tumblr Trackers, you can analyze either a specific blog or a more general topic based on a set of keywords or tags. For any blog or topic, you'll set up what we a tracking report to monitor and measure those posts. Here's a quick rundown of our two types of analytics. For more detail on setting up a new report, try this page

Track a Blog
Blog analytics are great if you want to see how your blog's (or any public blog's) content is performing and spreading. 

  • Analyze a blog
  • Measure the spread of all posts from that blog, as well as reblogs and likes for each post
  • Understand audience and followers
  • Integrate with Google Analytics

There's more about how to read and interpret your blog data here.  

Track a Topic
Topic analytics are perfect for looking at the larger conversation about a topic, and discovering new content creators and amplifiers. A topic can be any person, brand, product, name, event, competitor or really anything you can think of, and is based on a set of keyword rules you can control. You can track up to five query rules in one topic report, which can be a combination of:

  • Keywords
  • Tags 
  • Content source

You can learn more about how to interpret your topic data here

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