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Understanding the Tumblr blog Tracker

By default, a blog Tracker will show activity from the past 30 days. Click on the calendar icon in the upper right hand corner to adjust the timeframe you're viewing. You can also download a PDF of your Tracker, or export the raw data to a CSV.

 Summary and Trend Data

  • My posts: How many times the blog has posted during the given timeframe. We show the breakdown between original and reblogged content.
  • Notes: The total number of notes your posts have generated during a given timeframe, including a breakdown of reblogs and likes.
  • Curators: The number of users who have interacted with your content by reblogging or liking it.
  • Followers: For owned blogs that have authenticated with Tumblr, we show follower growth over time.
  • Web visits: In instances where Google Analytics has been connected, we show the number of sessions your blog has had.

Metrics Bar

  • Notes/Post: Average notes per post generated by this blog’s posts.
  • Posts/Day: Average posts per day from this blog.
  • Reblogs/Day: Average reblogs per day generated from this blog’s posts.
  • Likes/Day: Average likes per day generated by this blog’s posts.

Top Posts: A list of your top 10 posts by overall engagement (reblogs + likes).

  • Post Overview Report: You can click the list icon to view a complete list of posts from this time period. Within this page you will also see a heatmap with posting behavior. The darker the block the more posts that have been published at that day/time. Hover over any block to get more details.
  • Post Detail Report: For a detailed report on an individual post, click on the title of any post. First, we show a set of information about the post, including a direct link to it on Tumblr. The notes breakdown chart shows engagement with post over time. Direct reblogs are reblogs of the original post, while amplified reblogs are reblogs of reblogs. There's also a reblog tree, which includes the first nine generations of reblogs, and who's responsible for driving the most reblogs. Hover over any node (circle) to see how many reblogs a user contributed (the number in parentheses). There's also a list of top amplifiers, which shows the total reblogs each user was responsible for.

Top Curators: A list of the the blog's top 25 curators - the people who have liked or reblogged the blog's content - ordered by overall engagement.

  • Curator Overview Report: Click on the list icon to get a complete view of all your curators and when they are most engaged with your content. Within this page you'll see a heatmap with engagement behavior. The darker the block the more notes (likes and reblogs) that have occurred during that day/time. Hover over any block to get more details.

Top Tags: A list of the top 10 hashtags used by this blog by overall engagement (reblogs and likes). You can also see how many times the tag was used in your own posts. Click on any tag to see which posts included it, or view all hashtags used by the blog for a given period by clicking on the list icon.

Post Types: The post type chart shows what types of posts (e.g., photo, text, video) this blog created and the overall engagement with each post type. Please note GIF posts will generally be counted as a photo type post.
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