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Writing queries for a Tumblr topic Tracker

With Union Metrics Tumblr topic analytics, you can analyze any public posts on Tumblr that match one or more keywords, phrases, tags or source URLs. And now, Tracker search is even better. 

Read on for tips on writing your queries. If you ever have questions about your queries, please let us know!

Start with the basics

You can search for anything that shows up in a post - whether it's in the post itself or in the tags attached to a post.You can use keywords or phrases with quotation marks. And we support all kinds of complex querying, so if you'd like to get creative with parentheses and ORs, feel free. 

Write each rule on its own line. If you have multiple different terms you want to search for, you can include multiple rules on multiple lines. When your Tracker is created, we'll look for posts that match any of your rules. Don't use AND or commas - just use a space between terms in a rule.

Our older Tumblr-only plans can use up to 5 inclusion and 5 exclusion rules. If you subscribe to our social suite, then you can use up to 25 of each to craft the perfect search.

Target your search with operators

In addition to bare words and phrases, we also support a set of specialized operators to help you focus your search:

  • tag: Searches for posts that use a particular tag.
  • blog: Searches only posts from a particular blog.
  • source: Searches for posts shared from a particular website. Use URLs like or You don't need to add www. or http:// at the beginning, but you will need a suffix like .com or .tv.

Combine terms in a single rule

To track a phrase, write it out with quotation marks. Or maybe you want to find posts that contain several words even if they are not written together as an exact phrase. You can write those words simply separated by spaces - no need to use AND.

And you can use parentheses and ORs to structure more complex queries. 

Exclude irrelevant posts

If you want to make sure posts with certain keywords or tags don't show up in your results, add them to the exclusions list. For example, this search will find mentions of various desserts, but will filter out any posts that include mentions of milkshakes.  



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