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What analytics does Union Metrics provide for Tumblr?

Union Metrics Tumblr analytics provide detailed Tumblr listening and analytics for brands and marketers, helping provide insight into engagement with Tumblr campaigns and conversations. Search for a blog, a keyword, a tag, even a content source.

Our analytics can measure the spread and engagement of any blog or any topic on Tumblr.
Report metrics include:

  • Content - track post and note volume over time, identify top posts and tags
  • Contributors - find fans and influencers by identifying who’s engaging with content
  • Engagement - learn how content is shared, including full post reblog analysis

Our reporting is based on the full-fidelity Tumblr firehose and includes backfill analysis of all posts from the past month, plus ongoing archival and analysis of all new and future posts. There's a great deal of detailed information about getting started and interpreting your data here.

Please let us know if you have any questions!

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