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Getting started with Union Metrics Tumblr analytics

Your account includes tracking for one or more blogs and topics. When you log in for the first time, you need to set up your Trackers. When you first set up new Trackers, it'll take an hour or two to populate with preview data, but we'll email you when it's ready. We'll first backfill it with data from the past 7 days, and then backfill the past month overnight. After that, you'll get updated metrics every day.

Our analytics are delivered in what we call a "Tracker". Trackers can monitor any blog or topic (based on a set of keywords). So to get started, you first need to decide if you want to analyze a specific blog or a topic. You can set up multiple Trackers to monitor multiple things - one Tracker per blog or topic.

You can use a blog Tracker to analyze any public blog's posts and engagement. For a step-by-step guide to setting up a blog analytics, read this.

If you'd like to track any topic on Tumblr, you'll want to set up a keyword-based topic Tracker. A topic can be any person, brand, product, name, event, competitor or really anything you can think of. One topic Tracker can monitor one or more tags, keywords (that appear anywhere in a post or its tags), or content source. There's a guide to setting up a topic Tracker here.

Viewing and Interpreting your Metrics

It will take a few hours to load your initial preview data from the past week and up to 24 hours to backfill the past month's data. Once we've collected and analyzed all related posts from the past 30 days, your metrics will be updated several times a day thereafter and you'll be able to access your analytics at any time. On your main account page, you can click the blog title to access your analytics.

All Tumblr analytics reporting includes:

  • Post and note volume to show overall engagement levels and trends over time
  • Top contributors and curators to help identify key influencers
  • Analysis of posts and tags to surface most popular posts
  • Post engagement details, including the full reblog tree and interactions over time

There's a lot more detail about the elements in our Trackers here.


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