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Creating an Instagram Tracker

Creating an Instagram Tracker is quick and easy. To begin a new Tracker, go to your Tracker listing page - (the bar graph icon at the top of your account). Click the "Start tracking" button, which will give you a drop-down menu, where you can select an Instagram account or topic.

First select a time zone and enter the account or hashtags (up to 5 in a topic Tracker) you want to analyze. Next, you will be asked to authenticate with Instagram. You can use any Instagram account you can log into for this, as we only need it for permission to access the Instagram API. We will not post to Instagram on your behalf.

Once you click the "Create" button, your new Tracker will begin by backfilling with historical data. All account Trackers will start with data from the past 30 days, and topics will populate with up to 1,000 posts from the last month. From that moment forward, Trackers will continuously collect new data in real time.






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