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Understanding the Instagram topic Tracker

Our Instagram topic Trackers include real-time analysis on one or more Instagram hashtags. Each topic Tracker can monitor up to 5 hashtags around a campaign, topic, product or brand. 

When you view the data in a Tracker, you'll see activity from the past 30 days by default. Click on the calendar icon in the upper right hand corner to adjust the timeframe you're viewing. You can also download a PDF of your Tracker, or export the raw data to a CSV. And you can click everywhere in your Tracker - nearly everything you see on the overview page opens up a more detailed report. You can click on any username, hashtag, photo thumbnail or three-lines icon to see more.

Here's what's included in your Instagram topic Tracker. 

Summary and Trend Data

Posts: How many posts included the hashtags you are tracking. We also include a breakdown in post types.

Reach: The maximum potential unique audience size. It's calculated as the the sum of all publishers’ followers at the time of their posts, and each publisher is counted only once to avoid audience duplication.

Impressions: The sum of all the deliveries of posts with this hashtag. It's calculated as the sum of the number of followers each publisher had at the time of every post with this hashtag.

Frequency: The number of times a member of the potential audience might have seen a post mentioning the hashtag.

Publishers: The total number of users who posted a photo or video using the hashtag. The total number of publishers is a unique number, so even if someone posted multiple times s/he will only be counted once.

Metrics Bar

Posts/Publisher: Average posts per publisher using the hashtags.

Impressions/Posts: Average impressions generated by a post using the hashtags.

Posts/Day: Average posts per day using the hashtags.

Impressions/Day: Average impressions per day generated by posts using the hashtags.

Top Posts: A list of the top 10 posts using the hashtags you're monitoring, sorted by by overall engagement (likes and comments).

Post Summary Report: You can click the list icon to view all posts from this time period, including likes, comments and impressions for each post. Within this page you will also see a heatmap with posting behavior from the users who have posted with the hashtag. The darker the block is, the more posts that have been published at that day/time. Hover over any block to get more details.

Post Detail Report: For a detailed report on an individual post, click on the thumbnail of any post. The post detail report includes the date it was posted, filter used (or “normal” if there was no filter), location taken (if applicable) and number of likes and comments. This report also includes a set of similar posts, based on criteria like tags and filters.

Top Publishers: A list of the top 10 publishers to a hashtags, ordered by overall engagement their posts have received (likes and comments).

Publisher Summary Report: You can click on the list icon to view all publishers who have contributed to the hashtag for the given time period. The list will show you how many posts each user created with the hashtag, how many likes the posts generated, how many comments the posts generated, and how many impressions posts using the hashtag generated.

Publisher Detail Report: Click on any user’s name to get a list of the posts the user created with the hashtag and how much engagement each post received. There are other high level metrics like impressions generated, average posts per day, average likes per post and average comments per post. Finally, there’s an activity heat map, which shows when a user posted using the hashtag, highlighting preferred time/day and most used filter.

Hashtags: A list of the top 10 hashtags used in conjunction with the topic you're tracking, ranked by overall engagement (likes and comments).

Hashtag Summary Report: Click the list icon to view all hashtags used in conjunction with the hashtag you are tracking for this time period. At the top of the report is the hashtag bubble chart to help you understand what other hashtags are generating engagement. The x-axis shows average likes per post, and the y-axis shows average comments per post. The ten most used hashtags with the hashtag that is being tracked are are plotted along the dimensions, so you can see other hashtags you should consider using.

Hashtag Detail Report: Click on any hashtag to see which posts included it. The report also includes a timeline of when images/videos were posted using the hashtag.


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