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Managing Instagram credentials

To access Instagram data in our Trackers, we need to connect to the Instagram API via an Instagram account. (Please note, we will never post on your behalf.)

Adding new Instagram connections

To create a new Instagram connection, follow these steps:

1. Log into the correct Instagram account at

2. Back in your Union Metrics account, click on the gear icon in the top right corner and select Account Settings.

3. Choose the "Add connection" button and select Instagram.

4. You'll be temporarily redirected to Instagram, where you should enter the username and the password for any Instagram account you can access. You should repeat this process to add multiple connections. In general, we recommend no more than 3-4 Trackers per Instagram connection. 

Updating existing Instagram connections
First, you need to update your Instagram connections using the steps above, and then you need to reconnect your Trackers to those connections. 

1. Go to your Tracker listing page (under the bar graph icon at the top of your account).

2. Hover over the Tracker's listing card until the pencil icon appears. Click on the pencil to edit your Tracker.

3. Select the new Instagram credentials from the list, and click save. The number in parentheses shows you how many Trackers are already using that connection. Since Instagram has rate limits on their API, we recommend no more than 3-4 Trackers to one Instagram connection. High volume Trackers (accounts with more than 100 posts or 25k likes per month, or hashtags with more than 100,000 monthly posts) should have their own connection to ensure that you do not miss any post activity.

Reconnecting broken Instagram connections
Go to your account settings (click the gear icon in the top right corner). You'll see a red X next to broken connections. This usually happens when you change your Instagram password or are otherwise disconnected from Instagram. Click on the connection to reconnect it. When you're done, don't forget to move your Trackers back to that updated connection. 

In some cases, you may not see the red X. Instead, you may see an Instagram connection with 0 Trackers connected to it. If this is the case, just delete that connection using the trash can icon, and add it back. 
Error messages

When linking an Instagram account to Union Metrics, the account your browser is currently logged into will be used to create the connection. So be sure you're logged into the correct Instagram account before trying to add a new connection in your Union Metrics account.

If this Instagram account is already linked to Union Metrics, it'll let you know. To add a different Instagram account, make sure to log out of your already connected account and log in to the new account. You could also connect using a different browser to link a new account.  

Why your credentials might be revoked 

To access Instagram's API for analytics, you'll need to authenticate your Union Metrics account with your Instagram credentials. (Please note that we'll never post to Instagram on your behalf.) However, sometimes you'll get a message that those credentials have been revoked and you'll need reauthenticate with Instagram in your Union Metrics account. This can happen if you've recently changed your Instagram password, as Instagram will revoke third-party app credentials when you change your password. 

You can reset your connection in your Union Metrics account settings. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner, then select Account Settings.

From there, you can reconnect any of your invalidated connections or add new connections.

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