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Instagram account checkup FAQs

 A few frequently asked questions about our free Instagram account checkup

How often can I get an updated report?

Reports can be refreshed every 24 hours. You can update your metrics by clicking the “Refresh” button in the top left of your page. It'll turn orange when it's ready to be refreshed again.

Do I need to manually refresh the free report to see updated stats?

Yes, our account checkups will maintain the same report you currently see until you decide to update the data by clicking the “Refresh” button. This will update the report with data from the latest 30 days of posting activity.  

If you'd like ongoing or real-time analytics, our subscriptions give you access to full-fidelity, real-time analytics on any Instagram accounts and campaign hashtag. Plans start at $99 per month, and you can learn more here.

In what time zone are these reports displayed? 

Instagram checkups attempt to match the timezone of your browser, but will default to Eastern (US) time if no timezone is detected.

What do you do with my Instagram credentials?

Authenticating with Instagram allows Union Metrics to view posts, likes and comments on your account, which we use to create your report. Union Metrics will never post anything to your account on your behalf, and this will not interfere in any way with your Instagram activity.

Can I run an account checkup on another Instagram account?

Account checkups are for personally owned accounts (i.e. accounts you have the credentials for and can log into ). 

Can I change what Instagram account I'm analyzing? 

Once set up, you can't change what Instagram account your checkup is analyzing. You can, however, upgrade to our paid analytics for more functionality and additional reporting. 

Is the checkup available to paying customers?

Yes, anyone can run a free account checkup! Simply log in and run a report here. If you're already logged in, click on the free tools option on unionmetrics.com.

What data is included?

We aim to answer several questions with our account checkups:

  • What hashtags result in the highest engagement so you can reach more people
  • When to post new content to receive the most engagement
  • Which are your top posts so you can do more of what works and less of what doesn't

You can see more about our account checkup here




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