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Union Metrics free Instagram account checkup



Basic Report Functionality

  • Refresh: An account checkup can be refreshed with new data every 24 hours. The button will turn orange when new data is ready to view. 
  • Share: Account checkups can be shared across  your social media accounts. 
  • Print: Reports can also be printed or downloaded to a PDF. 

Account Info

  • How many posts you've shared in the past 30 days
  • Breakdown between photo and video posts
  • A graphical timeline of when you posted those photos and videos

Time to Post: Learn when is the best time to post based on when your fans and followers have liked or commented on your content the most in the past 30 days.

  • Engagement: The engagement rate in the metric box shows you how much more engagement (likes and comments) your content received during your most popular hour.
  • Heatmap: The heatmap shows when you receive the most engagement on your posts. Each block represents one hour, and the darker shaded blocks indicate the highest levels of engagement.

Top Hashtags: Identify the hashtags that result in the most engagement, and use this information to see which ones can expand the reach of your content.

  • Top hashtag engagement: The engagement rate in the metric box shows you how much more engagement (likes and comments) this hashtag received compared to your average post.  
  • Top hashtags: Of the hashtags you include most often in your posts, we pull out the five that have received the most engagement. Hover over a hashtag's dot to learn more about how you've used that hashtag and the engagement it's received.

Top Posts: Determine what content works for your audience while also learning what is less popular based on engagement levels. You can click on any thumbnail image to see that post on Instagram.

  • Likes/post: This metric box shows your average likes per post in the past 30 days.
  • Posts ordered by engagement: We display your recent posts in order of the engagement they've received. Your most liked and commented-on posts will be visible. 
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