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What plan level do I need?

When choosing between our analytics plans, consider how many different accounts and topics you want to monitor at once, as well as the volumes of those topics. 

Each Tracker can monitor one topic or one public account (any public account, doesn't have to be yours). Monthly posts limits refer to the number of posts matching your search terms or the number of posts and likes for an account, across all the Trackers in your account. If you have any questions about how much volume to expect or how to pick the right plan for you, just let us know! You can also change plans at any time if your needs change. 

Lite, $29 per month
1 Tracker
Up to 10,000 monthly posts
Up to 20,000 followers

Starter, $99 per month
2 Trackers
Up to 100,000 monthly posts
Up to 50,000 followers

Team, $199 per month
4 Trackers
Up to 250,000 monthly posts
Up to 100,000 followers

Social Suite, $525 per month and up 
Our suite plans include higher volume levels and more Trackers, for larger brands and agencies. They start at 10 Trackers and 1 million monthly posts. 

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