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Making the most of projects

If you've enabled projects in your Union Metrics account, there's so much you can do with it (there's more on how to set up projects here). Here's more on how it works. 

In the example below, we've created a TV project to organize a set of Trackers around comedy television programming. We've added 10 Trackers to the TV project, including a variety of Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter Trackers for shows like Brooklyn Nine-Nine and networks like Comedy Central. (Note: We're using a multi-channel Union Metrics social suite in this example; you'll be able to add Trackers from whatever channels you have access to. If you want to upgrade to our suite for access to Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr, let us know!)

We've also added three users with read-only access (they won't be able to edit or change any Trackers in this project), and one user with read and write access. Only geometricly and the two admin users can create or edit Trackers in this project.

(You can edit user access or Trackers for a project anytime.)

Now that we've moved some Trackers into a project, we can view dashboards for this project across Twitter, Tumblr or Instagram. Here's the Instagram dashboard for the TV project. We can quickly compare performance across the different Instagram accounts and hashtags we're monitoring. This makes it easy to manage multiple campaigns or clients in one Union Metrics account.  

From here, we can create new Trackers in this project (click the Trackers tab above), move to a different project (from the project name drop-down on the top right), or drill into specific Trackers from your dashboard. 

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