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Union Metrics social data FAQs

Where does Union Metrics get Twitter data?
We license the commercial data streams directly from Twitter. Our Twitter Trackers are built on the real-time PowerTrack stream and include full-fidelity coverage of tweets in real time. Union Metrics Echo is built on the Full Archive API, which includes full-fidelity access to the entire Twitter archive. We also access a few other commercial Twitter APIs for various reports in our Trackers. 

Where does Union Metrics get Instagram data?

At this time, Instagram does not provide a commercial firehose. However, we’ve built a robust custom system that works with the Instagram API to deliver the closest thing to a full-fidelity streaming experience you’ll find for any Instagram analytics in the market. This means you’ll have full coverage analytics in nearly real-time for the accounts and hashtags you’re tracking.

Where does Union Metrics get Facebook data?

We use the Facebook Graph API to access the Facebook Insight data.

Where does Union Metrics get Tumblr data?

We get our Tumblr data straight from the Tumblr firehose. We collect every public post, reblog and like directly from Tumblr and archive them. 

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