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Managing network account connections

You can edit or change your social network connections any time through the account settings section of your Union Metrics account (under the gear icon in the top right corner). 

Connection Types

We need to create connections to certain social networks to allow us to access data. The kinds of data we can access and connections we require varies from network to network. On Instagram, we require an authenticated connection to an Instagram business profile's associated Facebook connection. On Twitter, you can add an authenticated connection for enhanced data in your Trackers. To access the Facebook API, we need to authenticate through a Facebook admin connection.

Connection Errors

If you see a "Tracker disconnected" message next to a connection, that means you no longer have access to that account. For example, if your access to a particular account or blog was revoked or made private, you may see this message. You can try reconnecting in your account settings, but you may need to check with the account or blog owner to see if something has changed. While the Tracker is disconnected, we will not be able to collect any new data. 

If you change your password or revoke access to third-party applications in a social network, we may lose our connection. If that happens, you can re-connect that account any time through your account settings. 

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