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Multi-channel dashboard walkthrough

Here's a walkthrough of everything included in the multi-channel dashboard in our Social Suite. (Log into your suite account here.)

Our multi-channel dashboard shows a rolling 30-day window of all Trackers in your Union Metrics account associated with a particular project, separated into properties (accounts, blogs and pages) and topics (keywords and hashtags). You can toggle between them using the buttons on the top left of your dashboard overview.

The Overview section allows you to easily compare channels at a glance. See how your Trackers in each channel measure up.

There are a set of four graphs that show trendlines for each of our four major metrics across channels. Those metrics are:

  • Tweets/posts
  • Retweets/reblogs/shares
  • Followers/fans for properties OR potential impressions for topics
  • Replies/comments/likes

You can hover over the graphs for more information about how each channel performed on each metric in the graph. 

There's also a listing of the channels in your account with aggregate numbers for the four main metrics. You can access data for a particular channel by clicking on its name. 

Insight Stream

The stream includes a variety of actionable data-based insights built to help you identify important changes in your metrics and decide what steps to take next to improve your performance. It will include information such as follower growth spikes or declines, hashtags that perform above average, the best time for you to post to maximize engagement, and so much more. Each insight includes information about what Tracker the insight relates to and when the insight was generated. You can click on an insight to be taken to the report page in the corresponding Tracker to learn more about what's going on. 

Top Trackers by Channel

Next, we show your top Trackers in the project. We'll show up to three Trackers, and they're ordered by total posts/tweets. There are different metrics for each channel, selected to show the key metrics you should be monitoring across social media. These will vary slightly depending on whether you're looking at topic Trackers or property Trackers. 

You can click on any name to go directly to that Tracker. Additionally, clicking on the three-lines icon in the top right will take you to that channel's dashboard to get more detail on how things are going in a specific channel. 

Top Content by Channel

Finally, the multi-channel dashboard features the top post for each channel you're monitoring in this project. Each one include two key metrics - retweets and impressions for Twitter, response and reach for Facebook, likes and comments for Instagram, and likes and reblogs for Tumblr. You can click on the post content to go to the report in its respective Tracker. 

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