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Creating a Twitter topic Tracker

Our Twitter topic Trackers are designed to measure the earned conversation around any topic on Twitter, based on one or more phrases, keywords, hashtags, URLs, usernames or some combination of those.

To begin monitoring a topic, go to your Trackers listing (the bar graph icon on the top left). Click the "Start tracking" button, which will give you a drop-down menu, where you can select Twitter Topic.

Then you just need to enter a few pieces of information to get started. You'll only need to do this once, but you can always come back later to edit it.  

  • Name: Create a name that is reflective of your campaign and that is something you can recognize when displayed in a list of other Trackers.
  • Time zone: Pick what time zone you would like your data to be displayed in. Please note once you begin tracking this cannot be changed.
  • Queries: In the "tracked queries" section, you can enter up to 15 keywords, phrases, hashtags, usernames, etc... A query can include multiple words on one line and will function as the AND operator. If you want to capture exact phrases, use quotation marks. Each separate line functions as an OR operator and will find tweets that matches the queries from one or more lines. You can learn more about writing queries here.
  • Exclusions: Add any terms you want to exclude from this Tracker. This can be useful when you are searching for common terms and want to exclude certain references from the data we collect.
  • Create: Click the Create button to set up your Tracker.

After a few minutes, the Tracker will populate with up 5,000 tweets for self-service customers and 20,000 tweets for Suite customers from the past 30 days. It will then begin collecting data on an ongoing basis in real time.

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