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Creating a Facebook Page Tracker

Union Metrics Facebook profile analytics can measure engagement with one owned brand page per Tracker. You can create a Tracker for any page you have editor or admin access to. 

To begin tracking, go to your Tracker listing page (the bar graph icon at the top of your account). Click the "Start tracking" button, which will give you a drop-down menu, where you can select Facebook Page.

Connection: Select the email address connected to the page that you want to track, or add a new one. This may be your personal Facebook account, if that's the one you use to access company Facebook pages. (That's okay - we don't actually have access to your personal Facebook account, this is just to get the authorization to access the business page.)

Page: Once you select a connection, the Page drop-down menu should populate with the available Facebook pages you have admin access to. Select the appropriate company or client page.

Time zone: Per Facebook, all Tracker data will be displayed in Pacific time.

Project (optional): If you have projects enabled, you can choose to put this Tracker in a specific project. 

Competitors (optional): If your account has access to our competitors functionality, you can add 1 or more competitor pages to your Tracker for benchmarking. These can be any public business pages. 

Create: Click the Create button to set up your new Tracker. Within several minutes, you will get 28 days of backfilled data and your Tracker will update with new data continuously after that.  


A Facebook page Tracker can analyze any Facebook page you have admin credentials for. It must be a Facebook brand/company/business page. 

The Facebook connection used to access your brand page may be your personal Facebook login, as most people have connected their regular (personal) Facebook account with admin access to any brand pages they manage. This is normal and nothing to be worried about. We do not have any access to your personal Facebook information!

We'll need to authenticate with Facebook to access this page data. We will not post to the page (or your personal Facebook account) on your behalf.

This process works the same for Instagram - you must first connect to Facebook and then select an available Instagram business profile for analysis. There's more on that here


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