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Geo reporting in Instagram Trackers

Here's everything you need to know about the geo report in Instagram Trackers. For any Instagram account or topic you're monitoring, you can learn a lot more about where the posts in your Trackers are coming from. Use this information to identify trends, discover popular or new places important to a community, and understand where a conversation is coming from.

Geo Overview

All Instagram Trackers on all plans include the geo overview module. This can be found near the bottom of your Tracker overview. It shows the top five locations tagged in your Tracker. If you're interested in more information about the locations in a Tracker, our social suite includes a full geo report on all locations. Read on for more.


Geo Report

This report includes a summary of all the locations tagged in posts in your Tracker. You'll start with a fairly detailed zoomed-in view, and can zoom out to a wider view to explore locations across the map. You can also view all the posts for a specific individual location.

Map. At the top of your geo report, you'll first see the map showing all the locations at a high level. That includes the location pane on the right, which shows the most-tagged locations for your current map area. You can zoom in and out and pan around this map.

You can also click on any of the pins in the map to get more detail about the location(s) shown by that pin. Hover over any pin to get more information about its location(s). If a pin includes an ellipsis (three dots), that means it includes posts from more than one location. If you click on a specific location's pin, the listing below the map will update with more information about posts uploaded from that location. You can search for locations on the map, as well.

Post listing. As you move around on the map, the post listing below the map will update with the locations shown on the map. This includes a list of all the posts that have tagged locations in your current map area. For each post, you'll see:

  • Post thumbnail and info, including the account that shared it and the caption
  • The post timestamp indicating when it was posted
  • The number of likes and comments the posts received
  • How many impressions were generated by this post

You can sort the post listing on any of these dimensions. You can also zoom in on the map to update this listing.

To be included in this report, a post must have been geo-tagged with a location. The full geo report is available in both account and topic Trackers in the social suite. All Instagram Trackers include the geo overview. 

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