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Comments summary report in Instagram account Trackers

Here's everything you need to know about our comment summary report. For any Instagram account you're monitoring - whether it's yours or a competitor's - you can now see a high-level view of all comments that account's posts have received over time. Use this report to identify trends in comments, listen to your audience, and identify active and engaged fans.

Here's what you get in the comment summary (available in all Social Suite plans).

Comments over time graph. The top graph charts out comment activity over time. It shows both how many comments as well as how many commenters your Instagram account has received over the time period you're viewing.

Comment activity heat map. This shows when comments on your account happen, broken out by day and hour. The darker a block, the more comments happen at that time. On the right, you'll see your most active day and hour for comments, as well as your top commenter (the person who's commented the most on your posts).

Comments timeline. This lists all the comments you've recently, in reverse chronological order. You can see who commented, and on which photo, as well as the comment they posted.

Top commenters. This shows you a list of your most active commenters - those fans who have commented on the most posts. To see an individual's comment activity, click on their username in this list.

You can export the information on this page for deeper analysis if you'd like to search for specific words or phrases, or do some more manual content analysis.

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