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Writing Instagram topic Tracker rules

Our Instagram topic Trackers allow you to track one or more hashtags on Instagram. (Please note that you'll need an active Instagram connection to create a new Instagram Tracker. At Tracker setup, you'll see your available connections in the drop-down menu, with a number next to them that represents how many Trackers are already using that connection. We recommend no more than 4 Trackers per connection. You can add more in your account settings.)

Read on for more on what you can search for.

Basic search 

Our basic Instagram topic Trackers allow you to search for up to 5 hashtags. Put each hashtag on its own line in the Tracker rules editor. You can add up to 5 separate hashtags, and your Tracker will find posts that match any one of those hashtags. For example, this Tracker would find any posts that had one or more of the hashtags #craftbeer, #IPA, or #brewery.

Advanced search for Social Suite plans

If you have a suite plan, then you get even more advanced Instagram Tracker search. You can combine hashtags, add exclusions, create complex rules, and more. Read on to see what you can do. 

Focus in on a more specific part of the conversation by combining hashtags. You can add multiple hashtags to one rule to get more specific in the kinds of posts you're looking for. For example, this Tracker would only find posts that included both the #craftbeer and #IPA hashtags. 


Use advanced operators to filter even more. We support parentheses and ORs in our search queries, so you can further refine your search to find just the posts you need. Here, we'd find any posts that included #beer and #SF or #beer and #sanfrancisco. 

Add multiple rule types together to make a comprehensive Tracker. You can combine any of these rule types in one Tracker to be sure you're finding exactly what you need. 

Exclude posts that include a certain hashtag. Add a minus sign before a hashtag to filter out posts with that hashtag from your Tracker. For example, here we'd find any posts tagged with #craftbeer but not any that also used the #homebrew tag. 

In addition to in-line exclusions, we also support global exclusions. You can add up to 25 hashtags to exclude from all your results in the exclusions box on your Tracker edit screen. 

You can edit these terms at any time, but any changes you make will only impact future posts, not the posts you've already collected. These Trackers work for hashtags only, not general words and phrases that appear in captions or comments. 

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