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Instagram business profile Trackers

All Instagram account Trackers are now Instagram business profile Trackers, using Facebook's new Graph API. That means they've got a lot more data and reports than our previous public account Trackers. 

To add this new data to your existing Instagram profile Trackers, you'll need to authenticate with Facebook (all Instagram business accounts are tied to a Facebook page). You can have any level of admin credentials to do this. You can also create a new Instagram profile Tracker for an Instagram business account. There's more on setting up or reconnecting Facebook connections here

Now that you've either updated your existing Tracker or created a new one, here's what you'll find. We've updated metrics for followers, impressions and reach, engagement and stories. 

Actual impressions and reach: The overview now features true reach and impressions of your account's recent posts. 

Enhanced engagement: We now include saves as a measure of engagement, alongside comments and likes.

Story: There's a new story module in the Tracker overview, plus a more in-depth report on story engagement. Learn how many impressions your story has generated, as well as how your followers have engaged with it. In the full story report, you'll see when you've posted, how many impressions and engagements those posts received, as well as how people interacted with your story (replies, taps, exits and so on). 


Followers: Find out more about who your followers are with detailed demographics include gender, age and location of your followers. That includes highlights on where your followers are from and what languages they speak, even when they're online so you can better target your content. 

Posts: We've updated the metrics we show for an account's posts with a ton more information. That includes detailed engagement data, as well as actual and potential impressions, reach and video views where applicable.


Mentions: Learn about when and where your account is mentioned across Instagram with mentions reporting. If someone mentions your username in a post caption or comment, we'll capture that. These reports include the post and captions (and comments where appropriate), as well as analysis of the hashtags and emoji in those captions and comments. 

(If you want to convert your personal Instagram to a business account, there's more info on that here.)


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