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Setting up a Instagram business account Tracker

If you have an Instagram business account (connected to a Facebook page), you can add optional additional data to your Union Metrics Instagram profile Trackers. Please note this only applies to Instagram business profiles. If you want to convert a personal Instagram account to a business profile, read this.

Follow the steps below to update an existing Union Metrics account Tracker or create a new one.

1. Go to your Union Metrics account settings (located under the gear icon in the top left corner). 


2. (Re)connect the relevant Facebook connection. If you haven’t added the Facebook connection associated with the Instagram account you want to analyze, you can do that here with the Add Connection button. Otherwise, click the reconnect link next the Facebook connection you want to update. We need the Facebook connection to talk to the Insights API to get the enhanced Instagram data.



3. Edit or create an Instagram profile Tracker to connect your Facebook page to your Instagram Tracker. Go to your Trackers listing and edit the existing Instagram Tracker you want to update - at the bottom of the Tracker create/edit page, there's a section to connect to Facebook. Follow the on-screen instructions and save your updates. You can also create a new Instagram business account Tracker with this information. 






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