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Custom insights and alerts in Trackers

You can now set up customized alerts for your Trackers. 

Our system automatically generates a pre-defined set of insights for your Trackers when it spots something important. This includes info on changes in followers or engagement, optimal times to post, hashtags, and more. Insights are generated in both profile and topic Trackers.

You can also create additional insights customized to your reporting needs. You can choose to generate an insight when posts hit a volume threshold (for example, 100 tweets in an hour), or when people with a certain number of followers engage or post. 

Finally, you can set up email alerts for these insights do you receive an email as soon as something interesting happens. Never miss another important moment again.


Use insights to help you identify:

  • Better times to post
  • Increases in conversation activity
  • When something is trending (or about to)
  • When an influencer engages
  • High engagement rates

To find and customize a Tracker's insights, as well as set up alerts for those insights, click on the Insights link in the left nav in a Tracker (you'll need edit rights to this Tracker to make changes, but anyone with Tracker access can view them). Log in here to set them up: https://app.unionmetrics.com


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